Lower floor care costs and prolong the life of your floors with the 5CE floor care program


Floors—we all have them and know the challenge of maintaining them. Scrubbing, stripping, burnishing, recoating...this can put excessive strain on already thin cleaning budgets, not to mention that it takes too much time, reducing the productivity of your maintenance crew. And these processes could come with some health and safety concerns too, because some chemicals you could be using on your floors may pose risks for the environment or people in your facility.                      

We understand these challenges having been in the business for over 60 years and seeing customers' pain points. For this reason we have developed this program that will standardize your floor care program and do more with less labour and money. With the 5CE™ program your floors will receive the proper care they need to last longer and stay safer.


What is 5CE™?

5CE™ is Swish's complete floor care program. It stands for the 5 Critical Elements of floor care.

In this program, we break down each element and help you put together a schedule that keeps your floors clean and safe but cuts down on the required frequency of the highest cost critical element—stripping and refinishing floors. There are many benefits, and the biggest one is the monetary value. 67% of a typical cleaning budget goes to floor care, and 90% of that is spent on labour. With the 5CE™ program, floor care productivity and efficiencies will rise, leaving more time for custodial teams and building maintenance crews to maintain other areas of the facility.



1. Pre-routine Maintenance: Soils originate and are tracked long before a facility is entered. Parking lots, garages, sidewalks, etc. are all areas where debris and other contaminants are picked up on footwear and ultimately tracked into a facility. Using the right equipment to manage these soils and a highly effective entrance matting program will protect your floors and prolong their life.

Pre-Routine Solutions
Parking Lot Sweepers – Manual and battery operated, increase the efficiency by up to 100% when compared to manual cleaning techniques, and deliver a reduction in soil intrusion.
Entrance Matting – Just 15 linear feet combined will prevent up to 80% of dirt and soil tracking further into a facility.
Cleaning Tools – Innovative and ergonomically designed tools can maximize effectiveness. The appropriate tools with effective training will deliver cost-efficient and effective results.
PPE and Safety – Face, eyes, skin, hearing, fall prevention and the use of wet floor signs provide employee wellness and a safer facility.


2. Routine Maintenance: Considered the most important aspect of floor care, this process is necessary to keep a consistent level of appearance, your floors safe and extend their life. Relatively quick to do and presenting the lowest labour cost, this process can be the least costly.

Routine Solutions

Matting – 2-or-3 Step Systems are less expensive than the cost of dirt removal. Soil is centralized and localized in one area.
Dust Mopping - Highly effective microfibre dust mop systems provide superior removal and dust containment.
Damp Mopping – Microfibre flat mop with tab design for easy removal and colour coded for best practices. Less water and chemical is used. Overall this method saves time and labour. Autoscrubbers significantly reduce cleaning time and improve efficiency.
Cleaner – High quality neutral floor cleaners for daily cleaning; general purpose neutral disinfectants, if disinfection is required; and winter floor cleaners for winter residue.


3. Interim Maintenance: Soils permitted to penetrate through floor finish can cause roughness, darkening and wear patterns, reduced slip resistance and less reflection.

Interim Solutions
Spray Buff and Burnishing – Solutions with swing machine and/or burnisher.
Traction Enhancement – Restore gloss and traction enhancement by damp mopping, spray buffing, burnishing or autoscrubbing.


4. Partial Restorative: When floors no longer respond fully to interim maintenance or provide the appearance level desired, partial restorative (aka a scrub and recoat) is necessary.


Partial Restorative Solutions
Scrub and Recoat
– Floor finish life extender. For best results, a blue or Swish® SPP Maroon Pad is recommended, using a swing machine and wet vacuum, or autoscrubber.

5CE-Complete5. Complete Restorative: This procedure becomes necessary when floors no longer produce results or respond to Interim or Partial Restorative Maintenance. It has been proven to be the most labour intensive, specialized and high cost procedure.


Complete Restorative Solutions
Deep Stripper
– Powerful removal for ultra high speed, burnished, urethane and multiple coat finishes.
Fast Acting Stripper
– Requires less scrubbing on spray buffed floors.
Sealer/Foundation – Scuff resistant and ideal for high traffic areas on most types of floors.
Sealer/Finish – Acrylic blend delivers excellent durability and protective properties.
Spray Buff Finishes – Durable, low maintenance and desired gloss properties.
Burnished Finishes – Stain and black heel mark resistant. High shine. Very durable for high traffic areas.

Swish 5CE BrochureGet started with the 5CE™ brochure and procedures checklists!

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Common Floors and Issues
Floor Issue Types Of Floors 5CE™ Solution
Loss of gloss and sheen Natural Stone, Ceramic, Concrete, Onyx, Quartzite, Soapstone, Terrazzo Regular cleaning, deep stripping, recoating, buffing or burnishing
Flaking Slate Regular cleaning, sealing, and selecting the correct high-quality finish for the traffic conditions
Very porous Shellstone, Coquina, Sandstone Impregnating sealer
Soap scum/stains Clay, Ceramic Frequent cleaning and disinfecting using a solution that doesn't leave a film
Natural wear Brick, Flagstone, Bluestone, Natural Stone Regular cleaning and sealing. If the floor type doesn't need sealing, a water-based acrylic can work.

From start to finish, Swish is here to help you improve the efficiency and productivity of your floor care program

Interested in getting the most out of your cleaning budget? Let’s start with a Floor Care & Facility Assessment. These floor care assessments are designed to give our floor care experts and you an understanding of what your current cleaning process looks like and where there’s opportunity for further results.

So how does it work? Our no obligation, free of charge Floor Care & Facility Assessments are a simple process wherein a Swish floor care expert visits your facility and, together with you, assesses your facility in several areas including size, layout and traffic flow, flooring substrates, current cleaning processes and equipment, sustainability considerations, health and safety concerns, custodial crew size, and experience, to name a few.

After our assessment is complete, you’ll receive a finalized four-page summary of findings complete with recommendations on how to immediately improve productivity and efficiency.

In short, we listen to your challenges and concerns and work with you to standardize your floor care process, train your staff, and ensure you’re left with a better cleaning program that works specifically for your facility, no matter the size or how many staff members are on your cleaning crew. 

We’re here to help! If you would like more information on the 5CE™ Floor Care Program or would like to schedule a floor care assessment with one of our floor care experts, please get in touch today by filling out the form below, calling or emailing.