Reduce labour up to 60% compared to conventional methods by never deep stripping and applying floor finish again

Terrazzo and polished concrete continue to be among the most popular flooring substrates due to their durability, longevity and attractive look. But when it comes to maintenance, they can present challenges like browning out, deep staining, flaking, and the polishing, stripping, and refinishing process requiring a highly specialized work force and special equipment. The Enviro-Solutions® Concrete & Terrazzo Floor Care Program allows you to continually enhance your floor appearance using a simplified labour and cost saving approach. 

terrazoThe Enviro-Solutions® Concrete & Terrazzo Floor Care Program won a Cleaning Innovation award at the 2018 North Amerian ISSA Show in the Cleaning Agents category. It is industry-recognized for its benefits, such as: 

ISSA award

  • Utilize your existing labour force and equipment  
  • Continue enhancing your floors appearance with regular scrubbing, burnishing, and maintenance
  • Improve employee wellness and indoor air quality by eliminating the need for harsh chemicals
  • Extend the life of your flooring substrate by reducing pitting damage caused by harsh chemicals and grinding 

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Only three simplified steps to ensure safer, cleaner, and higher gloss concrete or terrazzo floors

Getting started is easy. We will get your existing staff up to speed on how to properly prepare your floor, lay the restoration and densifier foundation, and maintain/polish for maximum results. Our easy to understand training program, wall chart procedures and access to on-site, responsive program specialists ensures your facility maintenance team has the know-how and tools to successfully maintain the appearance of your polished concrete or terrazzo floors. 

Step 1: One Time Only Floor Prep - deep strip and rinse for the last time
Step 2: Prepare Foundation - methodically scrub with different grit pads
Step 3: Maintenance - Polish and continue to clean as per usual

You'll never apply floor finish, scrub and recoat, or deep strip these floors again!

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Swish's featured solutions and floor pads

ES-FPP pads are also available in 14", 16", and 18" and in 100 grit
ES-CMP pads are also available in 14", 16", 17", and 27"

3.78L Bottles of Solution ES-FPP Floor Prep Pads ES-CMP Cleaner/Maintainer Pads
ES85 Scrub Free Stripper ES-FPP 20" 200 Grit ES-CMP 20" 800 Grit
ES35 Restoration Cleaner ES-FPP 20" 400 Grit ES-CMP 20" 1500 Grit
ES36 Nano Substrate Densifier ES-FPP 20" 800 Grit ES-CMP 20" 3000 Grit
ES37 Cleaner/Maintainer/Polisher ES-FPP 20" 1500 Grit  


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