Promote better hand hygiene practices with Refresh™ Clear Foam Soap 

Hand washing and overall good hand hygiene is an integral part of infection prevention, and an integral part of hand washing is using a high-quality soap.

Refresh™ Clear Foam soap is part of the SC Johnson Professional family of products. It is a gentle foam wash, specially formulated to help reduce the risk of allergic reaction and skin irritation. Because it is foam soap, it cuts down on lather time and leaves skin soft and moisturized. It's also dye and perfume free, making it ideal for offices, public facilities, and food-handling environments.

Keeping coworkers, employees, guests, and students safe from the spread of germs should be a priority within your facility. Refresh™ Clear Foam Soap is is an integral part of a well-rounded infection prevention and control program and gives you benefits such as:

  • ecologo greenseal certifiedGreen Seal and Ecologo™ certified to provide assurance that this product meets the highest standards in environmental leadership
  • Perfume-free and dye free for fragrance sensitivities and irritable skin
  • Safe for use in food handling environments
  • Up to 45% lower water consumption compared to liquid soap use
  • Foam technology gives you over 30% more washes compared to standard lotion soap
  • Biodegradable formulation does not pollute the environment

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Refresh™ Clear Foam Soap can be used in a variety of environments

Install the dispensers in bathrooms, kitchens, offices, or schools for quick and easy access. They're simple to install, easy to refill, and straightforward to clean. To better suit your facility's needs, several sizes are available. These durable and long-lasting dispensers were designed specifically to be used in high traffic offices and public washrooms, and they help regulate soap use and prevent waste.

Furthermore, these dispensers can be personalized with your company logos or messages to better align with your facility's brand. This is a simple way to let users know that you really care about hand hygiene and health.

Refresh™ Clear Foam line is environmentally certified and food industry compatible; ideal for use in any high traffic place that requires clean hands. 

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