The Purell® Solution makes it easy to keep your employees and visitors healthy

The Purell® Solution™ is the complete solution to hand hygiene. You already rely on Purell® hand sanitizer, and now it's part of a line with hand soap too, so you can holistically fight the spread of germs on hands and surfaces in your facility.

gojo-calloutsBecause Purell® products are universally recognized as the highest 79standard in caring, clean environments, it makes sense to use them in your facility to create a more trustworthy environment. Purell® is the #1 brand in Canada, and 79% of people said that seeing Purell® products around a facility makes them feel better about that place's cleanliness and 82%  had a more positive impression of the facility.

Purell® allows you to create a custom hand hygiene solution for your facility. By installing hand sanitizing stations at high-touch common areas and restrooms throughout your facility, you can prevent germs from being transferred to surfaces throughout the building. To learn more about infection prevention click here.

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The ES8 model is a revolutionary system

Here's what makes the Purell® Solution™ stand out: the ES8 model.

  • Its dispenser is powered by the new battery in each refill (reducing battery waste by 68% over a dispenser's lifetime)
  • The see-through containers allow for AT-A-GLANCE™ maintenance
  • The refills have a very visible expiry date
  • It has an optional GOJO SMARTLINK™ plug-in module that will allow you to track usage, get alerts, and more

Place these products in offices, schools, hospitals, kitchens, and anywhere that people congregate.

Learn more about Swish's featured Purell® Solution products:7720-01es8sanitizerwhite (1)

Plus, with the option to personalize your stands by adding your logo or a message to select stands, you can reinforce your brand while you promote well-being.

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